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Here we have something useful on anthropology too

How much water do you need for the appearance of life?

“Primary broth” as an environment for the emergence of life has its drawbacks. In the aqueous environment, proteins, RNA and DNA are unstable. These long molecules eventually break up into separate links – amino acids or nucleotides. The chemical combination of amino acids in a protein or nucleotides in RNA occurs with the release of […]

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6 Steps to Successful Research Paper

Structure, methods, evaluation: With our recipe for research projects you are doing research like a pro. The thought of having to do your own research project makes you sweat? You can breathe, empiricism is much easier than your reputation announces. After all, research is like cooking a four-course meal: it depends on adding the right […]

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Animal Culture

Culture is a multi-valued concept, but we will not go into different philosophical concepts now. Let’s confine ourselves to this definition: “Culture is a collection of genetically inherited information in the field of human behavior.” This, of course, includes speech, morals, and various activities, and creativity, imprinted in writing, painting or architecture (and now in […]

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Ancient myths about the origin of man

The problem of human origin invariably attracts the attention of the public. In a number of countries, this issue falls into the “top” of problems, according to which the discrepancies between scientific and mass representations are the most significant The share of consonants with the fact that a person has descended from pre-existing primate species […]

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Help with Writing a Thesis Statement

Creating the Statement of Thesis Composing Theses – What you Should and Should not Do In case when you do not possess any ideas how to compose the thesis, perhaps you are able to find yourself during the stage of preparation when composing and forming an academic thesis: a kind of academic writing composed on […]

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