Simple Tips to Produce a Powerful Argumentative Paper Outline

Of course, you cannot be a warrior but a lover instead. I can say the same about myself. However this fact does not mean your inability linked with writing an argumentative essay! Because you need to compose such kind of paper, you may as well discover ways to compose it, okay?

Structure of Outline

If you drill deeper, you will find out that the outline covers four sections mentioned below:

  1.  Introductory Paragraph
  2. Development of Argument
  3. Contradiction of Opponents’ Arguments
  4. Conclusion Part

Section I: Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph is the place when the foundation is laid for an unbreakable argument. It consists of a catch, supporting details, and a thesis statement.

  1. Catch. The very first sentence is targeted at being a “catch.” You do not have any ideas what a catch is? The answer is very simple: a sentence, which attracts attention of readers.

For instance, one is going to compose a paper why people from the USA need to start consuming various bugs.

My catch could be, “Those people who like to improve the surrounding environment and personal diets, say ‘hello’ to consuming various bugs and ‘good bye’ to dishes from pork and fish.

  1. Supporting facts. Next section of the introductory paragraph is targeted at providing some detailed supporting facts concerning good argumentative essay topics.

To perform the given task, answer questions mentioned below:

What is a pressing matter? Who worries about it? Just why is it essential?

For instance, “Bugs are considered as sustainable enough. Today, people in America think to consume bugs as a constituent of particular diet programs, paying attention to food choices such as pork instead. Recently, the United Nations organization has made a declaration and called for more people to get great benefits from consumption of bugs.”

  1. Thesis Sentence. As usual, the thesis is located in the introductory section.

For instance, “Diet focused on bugs will help to solve problems connected with famishment, obesity, and weather change. For this reason, people from the US need to find out how to count on many different bugs over chicken and seafood.”

In addition, you will observe that a thesis develops three statements that will be expanded a bit later: diet made up of bugs can help to solve dilemmas pertaining to famishment, obesity, and weather change.

Section II: How to Write Argumentative Essay Argument

Now, after you have coped with general points, describing your position in the introductory paragraph, start entering upon the argument.

My test outline has demonstrated three claims supported by factual information. A provision of a particular number of claims may be a simple suggestion; it is up to you to make one claim or five claims.

A particular quantity of claims you determine to add is of no importance unless your professor has provided you with some particular instructions. Here, the only important thing is to develop the argument in every manner.

  1. What can be called a claim? This is a statement called to back up arguments.

For instance, “Bugs tend to be extremely nourishing and consuming all of them can solve the nagging issue of appetite in the US.”

  1. What is known as evidence? Give supportive facts for every single claim you introduce. Evidence is thought out to be facts taken from trustworthy resources.

For instance, “Scientists from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the USA inform that ‘Termites contain a lot of necessary protein alongside with other micronutrients. Termites in dried form include 36 % of proteins.’”

When the facts targeted at supporting the statements have been collected, it is time for you to include the following crucial part of the outline: contradicting arguments that belong to opponents.

Section III: Contradicting Arguments

Great argumentative essays always suggest the inclusion of this part in the paper; here, you state opinions of opponents and after that, provide a rebutter.

For instance, “Those people who do not approve the diet of insects state that it is quite difficult to catch crickets just as a cow is big enough and possesses lots of meat for all dishes.”

Oh! We perfectly know that such opponents only want us to maintain eating junk food and avoid eating the soup from crickets.

Today, it is a high time to bewilder opponents with a contradiction full of tough facts.

After you have contradicted viewpoints of opponents, start working on the part with conclusion.

Section IV: What is a Argumentative Essay Part with Conclusion?

When dealing with a conclusion section, you are likely to achieve two essential assignments.

  1. State the necessity of the issue once again. In this case, you would like to state why the given topic is significant.

For example, “Simply by adding insects to their diet plans, U.S. people can enhance the nourishment associated with the diet of Americans.”

  1. Depict the picture of the place when your debate is not put into practice. Within the frames of concluding paragraph, make your readers look at the consequences of the argument. Just what could take place if people began consuming insects and various bugs as a basis of their diet programs?

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