Writing Professional Reports

Your top manager may be not present in the office for a protracted period of time and told you to compose a report regarding the personnel study or, perhaps, you are in charge of composing a yearly report. In spite of the whole scenario, by accomplishing your ‘homework assignment,’ comprehending exactly what your top manager wants to see in a written report and finishing it on time, it is possible to compose a report your chief will esteem as useful and helpful one. In addition, you may be expected to know how to write a reporting essay. Therefore, pay attention to information mentioned below.

Make arrangements with your chief concerning the preferred structure for the future report papers. Some chiefs would like only a brief page with the main bullet points while other bosses expect you to introduce a discussion of every single topic in details. At the same time, ask him how he prefers the report to be submitted – in hard copy or electronic version – and how often he wants you to write reports.

Apply the structure your chief has expected to introduce the major information that is connected with the subject. A current paper like weekly project status may be introduced in a simple memo structure with alterations from past reports emphasized. Reports, which describe one-time activities, such as a business trip or some study results, most likely demand information with more details. So, when writing a good report, keep these facts in mind.

At the document’s top, it is compulsory to place the date, the document’s title, the person’s name for whom the report is intended, and your own name as an author of the paper. In case the report has a memo structure, apply the title of the document in the form of the subject line. This title has to be specific enough in order to be immediately obvious – “Business Trip Report for Boston Conference” or “July Sales Figures for Sales Department,” for instance.

Produce section headers for all key elements of the paper. The section of introduction has to present the topic and sums up key points. The background section can depict why this or that study has been initiated or what production issues caused the evaluation of workflow. The main body has to comprise the major points of the document – what was reached during the conference, the review results or the effect on staff member efficiency of a recent training curriculum, for instance. Completing such reports is nearly the same as writing student reports, which are targeted at polishing skills necessary for the future professional career.

Finish the document with a summary and add some recommendations for activities in case of need. For a business trip report depicting participation in a conference, recommendations may be that it has been of almost no value and the company does not have to send its employees there no longer. The document depicting a recent study has to end with some recommendations with the basis on study results like “the process alterations intensified productivity by 200 percent together with warrant permanent implementation.” In case you request his or her action on something, suggest that fact obviously so your supervisor is not left guessing.

Check the report scrupulously before submitting it to your employer. Be sure there are no grammar blunders, so it includes correct dates and accurate figures and that it follows the correct format and structure. Make a duplicate of your data just in case.

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